Chapter 1:

First video of the «Within the million» AyZWeb project. In this video we explain briefly the importance of Google Pagerank and universal ranking tool Alexa.

Alexa is some kind of universal website ranking. It’s ranking about the first 30 or 50 million of websites, so, maybe yours is not even listed yet

You can easily check your position just visiting the first positions nowadays are for google, youtube, facebook, etc…

One good goal is to be in the first million. For example, a page that is in position 250.000 is receiving about 400-600 visitis a day.

for a page that is ranked in 2.000.000 position, we can talk about 60-90 visitis a day

I think this is useful if you want to know how many visitors have your competence

Anyway is interesting for you to konw that Alexa is just an estimation, so you can’t trust alexa 100%

Regarding Pagerank is somekind of ranking that goes from 0 to ten and it’s different for each page inside your website. Rank 10 would mean that you are facebook or google, rank 0 means your page is not yet important

Pagerank is also not reliable 100%. I know good pages with low pagerank all over the internet.

a good point for building reputation is publishing fresh content, joining social networks and other stuff that we’ll check soon

there are also a lot of plugins to know instantly tha pagerank and alexa position of a website, I’ll let you a link in the comments of this video.

Hope that helps, see you soon!