Chapter 2:

Ch. 2: Linkbuilding or getting new links to your site. Within the million

  • Today we’ll talk about linkbuilding or how to get new links to your website.
  • 1st option is writing good and fresh articles to get links, talking about the brand, doing opinions and so on
  • Tutorial articles are also a good idea
  • Numbered articles are very good for getting external links, I’m talking about articles like «five ways of doing this…», «ten ways of avoiding…. whatever»…
  • It’s a good idea to join the comments of our own posts, and of course
  • Participate or join in experts sites
  • One to One regarding talking and sharing articles with experts in your field
  • Don’t forget to use social networks and specially Google plus
  • There is a list I tend to use that contains a bunch os sites for helping you spread your new articles. I’m talking about sites like feedburner, and so on…In the SEO tutorial you can see that.
  • Newspaper blog s are also good to be considered
  • Being in DMOZ is quite importante, remember that it was just in the google begginings where Google sucked a big amount of information from there
  • Interviews to other bloggers. It’s useless to talk about how good we are or our products are… knowing and talking to other people is always a good idea.
  • Nothing else for today, hope this ideas help you improving your rankings!.